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Bulbs & Bamboos



When you need a gift for someone looking to grow a green thumb, LA Blooms suggests the bulbs & bamboo plants collection for great gift options. Choose from our lovely selection of bulbs and bamboo plants that will add a breath of fresh air and natural beauty to any space. You can personalize your order with custom gift options like gourmet goodies, beverages, and even accessories. With same-day delivery in the Los Angeles area, you can make any day better!



Your sweetheart who loves to grow things will adore a bulb and bamboo plant from LA Blooms. With the Love & Luck Bamboo Plant, remind them of your love and support in all their endeavors.

If your mom loves plants, we suggest you get her the Sprinkle of Prosperity Bamboo Plant, a lovely offering from our bulbs & bamboo plants collection. She’s sure to appreciate this beautiful gift from LA Blooms!

When you need to celebrate a moment with friends, get them a gift they can enjoy for years to come with something from the bulb & bamboo plants collection. LA Blooms suggests the Lush Gardens Bamboo Plant, coming in a green planter and perfect for every occasion!